Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wyatt {6 months}

I cannot believe Wyatt is already 6 months old! He has changed so much already. It was so fun to see his little personality starting to come through. He would give me the biggest smile and then hide his face in his mom's chest. Way too adorable.

Wyatt did so well with his session and was full of smiles.

We had Wyatt doing some "tummy time", and he loved it. He started lifting his arms and legs and shaking all around. Wyatt quickly learned he could make Scott and I laugh by showing us all of his tricks, and he really got excited about it!

Such an adorable family too!

We already cannot wait for Wyatt's next session in his series!


JessicaElyse said...

Too cute! I cannot believe how grown up Wyatt is. Cute pics of the family.

Callie Nicole said...

Oh Danae, they turned out SO GOOD!! I love them! I can't wait to see the rest! :-D