Sunday, July 17, 2011

Phillip & Kristin {wedding}

Kristin and Phillip were married at Calvary Episcopal Church in Golden, and held their reception at the Evergreen Lakehouse.

These two are so in love with each other, and are so easy to photograph.  They are natural with each other, and we got some beautiful images.  

Their wedding day was absolutely perfect. The overcast skies provided the most amazing light for their family portraits. However, it was a complete downpour once we got up to the Lakehouse, which is where we had planned to take bridal party and bride and groom pictures. The reception began, and moments into their dinner, the rain stopped and the sun came out shining bright as ever. They had a great DJ, who was the first to notice and played the song "Here Comes the Sun". Everyone in the room joined in singing. They all ran outside only to find a full rainbow formed right over the lake. It was an incredible moment and completely felt like a scene from a movie.


Congratulations Phillip and Kristin!

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JessicaElyse said...

So lovely! I might be biased, but the Lakehouse is the best place for a wedding!